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PREVIOIUS LIVE STREAMS provides live streaming broadcasts of local events to multiple online locations. These locations include YouTube Live, YouTube Broadcast, websites including, client sites, plus other Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Future services will include a turnkey solution for individuals and groups to stream their content from any location with an adequate internet connection.

Features & Benefits

Onsite production of live events

  • Lower thirds graphics that include pilot names an information
  • Upcoming heat information graphics
  • Previous heat result graphics
  • Overall and final standing graphics
  • Active view switching between single, split and quad screens, race director cam, and roving reporters
  • Sponsor ads played between rounds and heats. Ads can be both graphics and video spots

Content delivery to multiple online locations

  • Dedicated video stream to YouTube Live or YouTube Broadcast
  • Video streamed to websites in HSL format which can be viewed on any device or in any browser
  • Video streams can be sent to most, if not all, Content Delivery Networks(CDN)
  • Video streams can be sent via adaptive bitrates providing the best experience regardless of connection

Let's Get Technical

This is how the magic happens

Onsite setup

  • Production software collects inputs from 4-5 FPV feeds, race director camera, and roving reporter.
  • Audio is mixed in from the race directors PA microphone, roving reporter and drones(when available).
  • Production software allows for playing and displaying of sponsor ads and pilot videos between rounds and heats.
  • Broadcast is available locally to spectator areas, pit areas, and pilot tents.

Server setup

  • Broadcast is streamed to a media server(s) hosted by Amazon Web Services.
  • Media server instances are spun up/down automatically depending on current viewers. Current setup allows for just over 500 viewers per instance. An unlimited number of instances can be utilized.
  • The media server sends video streams to multiple locations. These streams can be in multiple formats, resolutions and bitrates.

What Makes Us Different

We are constantly testing because each event poses different challenges. Some events have excellent broadband coverage where we can stream at whatever bitrate we choose. Other locations aren’t very good and we need to adjust our upload bitrates accordingly. In some cases, were there isn’t coverage at all, we need to ensure that the local recording is the best quality possible. When we fly, even in non-event situations, we are streaming to multiple locations. This allows us to review the recorded content and decide what’s working and what is not.

We broadcast every local event, not just the major ones. Having the behind the scenes setup working is just one part of producing a great broadcast. The actual content has to be excellent otherwise nobody will watch. This requires practice. In order to improve our content we broadcast every local event, large or small, and learn from each event.

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