News & Strategic Partnership is proud to announce a new found Strategic Partnership in Ready Made RC that will enable us to further the growth of live broadcast of your favorite First Person View (FPV) Sporting Events.

Ready Made RC is well known as an FPV pioneer online making it easier than ever to select, purchase and acquire quality products that enable flight through FPV. With some of the fastest order to ship turnaround times in the industry they understand that when an FPV pilot needs stuff……they need it like “yesterday”!  Now Ready Made RC will be known for helping to enable to bring you more events and better quality entertaining live streams to the public. will be providing premium ad placement and mentions to Ready Made RC on the website, social media as well as on the livestream before, after and during livestreams. is the leader in First Person View (FPV) Drone Racing Sports Live Stream Production. was the first to have live real-time stat’s (lap times, pilot names, positions, etc.) included in a livestreamed Drone Racing Event (MegaDroneX).  Additionally, has delivered the only FPV Drone Racing Sport livestream which included continuous action, live stat’s, commercials, interviews, live chat feedback and live commentary that did NOT include dead air and flags waiving in the wind (2016 MultiGP Miami State Finals).  To celebrate this new partnership Ready Made RC has been gracious enough to give a 6% discount code “fpvlive” that you can use at check out (for a limited time)!

To find out more about more about livestreamed events and opportunities to partner please visit online at  To find out more about Ready Made RC and discover their incredible selection of FPV Gear please visit online at

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Saturday, 25 January 2020

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